Trots als een Pauw

Hieronder kun je een aantal door ons opgeleverde websites raadplegen.

Een nieuwe website met een compleet nieuw ontwerp voor voor dit bedrijf opgeleverd.


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About SRLA

The SRLA is a pan-European expert network aimed at advancing knowledge and use of risk management for strategic decision-making in European national and local governments comprising the public sector at large and it links to private enterprise. In an increasingly (inter)connected, complex and fast-evolving world, public policymakers and administrators are confronted with new emergent risks and uncertainties, many of which have a systemic nature that potentially can affect the socio-economic fabric of our societies.

The public risk landscape is characterized by complex interrelationships where dynamic changes can cause extreme and unpredictable events where collaborative solutions are required to deal effectively with the public exposure. We need enhanced capabilities to deliver basic public goods and services under various conditions including extreme events as a basis for resilience that is a core challenge of 21st century public administration. This requires development of strategic risk-thinking with agile adaptive risk-practices prioritizing risk-informed strategy development in public policy and public administration systems.